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The Nourishing Garden

Beschuitbakkerij, Traiteur, Kaasverfijner, Producent van fruitsappen en dranken, Amsterdam
Maria Luz Rodriguez
Maria Luz Rodriguez heeft The Nourishing Garden opgestart in 2013. Het bedrijf is gevestigd te Amsterdam, in Noord-Holland.

Het project

The Nourishing Garden is a company created in 2013 based in Amsterdam. We are specialized in the production of vegan cheese, vegan kimchi and water kefir. We proudly hold ourselves as the first vegan cheese producer in The Netherlands. All our products are prepared with fresh ingredients in an artisan manner, which is reflected in a distinguishable homemade flavor and premium quality.
Our cheeses range from spreadable soft texture to firmer ones to be used in variety of plates as salads, and the melting ones, ideal for pizza, tosties or any oven dish. They make an easy way for vegans to fulfil any cravings about conventional cheese.
The kimchi and water kefir are two formidable ways of adding probiotics to your diet at the same time of being a delight to the palate.

Lindenstraat 11B
1015 KV Amsterdam
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